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Sardinia is a land rich in history that evokes emotions. Many are the reasons why visitors choose it for vacation or leisure; for its fascinating landscape, its culture and the hospitality of local people never forgetting its good food and wine. All this distinguishes Sardinia in major tourism fairs around the world.



White beaches, clear and emerald waters attract thousands of tourists from around the world, struck by the beauty and naturalness of the territory shaped by the wind. The mountain meets the sea in a picturesque landscape, wild and magical meet with the natural caves, high above the sea.

Its coast and colors of the clear sea, together with the peculiarity of its beaches (most of them free), serve as a witness to the exceptional beauty that only here you can admire and enjoy.


The mountain and inland areas, the landscape and the wonders to be found along the trails of Gennargentu offer the opportunity to lovely walks, trekking and hiking at all levels, for beginners and experts. The famous caves of Tiscali, Su Gorroppu, Santa Barbara attract tourists from everywhere.



Tradition and folklore are a status symbol of every village of Sardinia willing to express customs and traditions handed down from generation to generation.

This includes testimony from numerous regional initiatives the so-called “cortes apertas” events open to all, thanks to which the local people express and reinforce the belonging to their territory by offering to tourists and visitors the best specialties of their cuisine and their local products, never forgetting their good wine and cheese. Music and dances raise awareness and appreciation of Sardinia.