The capital of Sardinia, a beautiful limestone city with history and traditions. Its famous beach stretches for about 8 km, has an interesting center with historic districts, a Punic necropolis and the Roman amphitheater, fortification walls and towers. Not to be missed the lagoons of flamingos.






In northern Sardinia, an ancient city with a strong cultural and artistic heritage, with unique traditions and festivals like the Sardinian cavalcade where people from all over Sardinia parade on their local folk costumes on foot and riding horses.






It lies on the slopes of a mountain In the heart of Sardinia, birthplace of Grazia Deledda, Nobel Prize for Literature and many other writers, painters and sculptors. It has a few interesting museums and many agro-pastoral traditions. Its surrounded by a beautiful wild landscape.






In the central – western coast, is well known for its Phoenician settlements of Tharrsos, an area of great natural and archaeological interest. Famous is its equestrian tournament “Sa Sartiglia” of ancient Spanis origin, legacy of the Catalan Kingdom of Aragon.






On the northwestern coast, it is a lovely little town surrounded by high wall (1100AC) where one strolls overlooking the sea like from a terrace. Its narrow streets host many little shops famous for their red coral. The historical center has beautiful Aragonese buildings, and magnificent towers. It has the most enchanting beaches.





The ancient medieval town of Count Ugolino, is in the southwest of Sardinia and it has amazing churches and Punic-roman temples. The area is known as the green coast has uncontaminated beaches and many desert dunes diving into the clear sea. Scattered in the area are many ancient mines, some of them can be visited, together with the prehistoric caves that are of great speleological and archeological interest.





Quartu Sant’Elena

Just few miles away from Cagliari rich with traditions, churches and ancient houses. It has beautiful beaches and ponds where flamingos live and nest. Close by is the Park of the Seven Brothers.