About us

Our group consists of four transport companies located throughout Sardinia.storia01

We operate all over the island with offices in Northern and central Sardinia. Has always distinguished us a reliable fleet which meets any travel need. We own Setra and Mercedes vehicles of different sizes, GT coaches scheduled busses, minibus and cars. Some of the vehicles are equipped with devices for the transport of passengers with disabilities.

We ensure maximum comfort and professionalism on all vehicles.

Over the last decade the company has expanded by acquiring new areas and relocating its offices throughout the country.

This has allowed us to increase the future prospects, characterize the group and assume a connotation of regional nature.



storia02Experience, professional and tenacity, that has always distinguished the group in their marketing and customer service, are the basis of all developments and decisions made.

The whole group operating with a fleet of owned vehicles, a reliable professional and young team, responsive to customer needs, reinforces the ideal and the passion that has always characterized the Fara family and all its staff.

Over the years, the customer has become more demanding and more attentive to detail, this has stimulated and improved our business capabilities, employees and the media, causing the group to reach a level that could be certified by European standards.